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Shanghai Simon Aluminum Industry Makes the World's First Super Long Plate as a Gift to the Largest Single Body Venue in China

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Shanghai Simon Aluminum Industry Makes the World's First Super Long Plate as a Gift to the Largest Single Body Venue in China-
Wuxi International Convention Center

The Wuxi International Conference Center project is located on the southwest side of the intersection of Zhenze Road and Qingshu Road, adjacent to the Shangxian River Wetland, with a total construction area of 119700 square meters. The overall positioning of the project is to be an international top-level conference complex. As the permanent venue of the World Internet of Things Expo and one of the important carriers for strengthening the central urban functions of the Wuxi International Convention Center and the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Government during the 14th Five Year Plan period, the project mainly consists of a multi-functional hall, a conference hall, a lecture hall, a conference room, an office space, and an affiliated wetland park. The 10000 person hall, central lobby, and lobby are the three main spaces of the Wuxi International Convention Center project.
Among them, the 10000 person auditorium area with ultra-high aesthetic value is the largest single venue in China, with beautiful and atmospheric appearance. The suspended ceiling is composed of triangles, neat and rich in geometric aesthetics. The aluminum ceiling and wall panels in the project all use Shanghai Simon Aluminum brand products. The 27 meter aluminum panel wall panel in this project broke the known record of 17 meters for the longest metal plate used in engineering, achieving the "world's longest". The use of perforated double-sided composite corrugated aluminum sheets enhances the stiffness of the oversized panel structure while also ensuring panel flatness. Applying BIM model for deepening design improves the efficiency of deepening design by 100%, while reducing the occurrence of drawing errors, omissions, and collisions. By applying the most advanced intelligent processing equipment in China, forming through intermittent folding process, and using an all-in-one machine for rolling, unlimited length plate production is achieved.

The ultra-high silent partition of the 10000 person auditorium provided by Simon Aluminum also broke the known record of 14.8 meters, setting the highest partition height in the country. From product design, production and processing to transportation and installation, we actively adopt new technologies, processes, materials, and equipment, and have achieved multiple innovative achievements. The partition sound insulation coefficient can reach STC53 decibels, the fire resistance limit can reach 2.1 hours, and the tensile load test has achieved the highest record of similar products.

When making large-scale suspended ceiling modules, the company's R&D team collaborated with the project construction team to adopt high-precision measurements, helping the project construction team improve construction efficiency and ensure millimeter level accuracy. The project has shortened the overall installation period by over 40%, while achieving zero loss and zero rework.