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Formed in one fell swoop with a magnificent momentum - ultra long metal wrapped column without transverse seams

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Shanghai Simon Aluminum's latest ultra long seamless metal cladding column has become the focus of the construction industry. This metal packaging column uses anti fingerprint apple sand special stainless steel composite plate, with a length of 12 meters high and a diameter of 1.3 meters. Adopting advanced domestic arc bending technology, the entire column is completed in one go without any transverse joints in the middle, and on-site equipment installation is carried out. Giant columns complement the ultra large span space.

 This metal clad column has been successfully applied to the permanent venue of the Top Scientists Forum in Shanghai. It supports the bow shaped daylighting roof of the shared hall, like a towering pillar standing in the hall. This technology is at a leading level in the construction industry, and the full-length and seamless columns create a grand atmosphere for ultra large span spaces.


Shanghai Simon Aluminum's metal cladding materials are optional and customizable, meeting the needs of different customers/designers. Whether it is height, diameter, or surface treatment, it can be professionally customized according to requirements. We will provide you with satisfactory solutions with professional technology and services.


We will continue to innovate and strive to provide you with high-quality products and services.


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